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How Much Can You Make with Yotta Savings?

A new investing app called Yotta Savings has made headlines recently for their unconventional form of earning interest for their customers. Yotta offers a 0.2% annual return when keeping your money with them, which isn’t the best option compared to some of the other top savings accounts right now, but Yotta does offer something thatContinue reading “How Much Can You Make with Yotta Savings?”

Simulating Roulette Betting Strategies with Python

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the popular casino game of Roulette and testing out various betting strategies designed to increase your odds of walking away a profitable gambler. We will go over how to simulate each of these methods in Python, while also pointing out the key differences between their effectsContinue reading “Simulating Roulette Betting Strategies with Python”